Little Harbor, Ruskin FL – Private Party

Little Harbor in Ruskin, FL
Little Harbor in Ruskin, FL

Looking out across Tampa Bay from the Sunset Grill at Little Harbor in Ruskin, FL

Some say “kids these days don’t know good music”. Well I think our new friend Lauren would beg to differ. In celebration of her 18th birthday, she invited the old boys of Luna Blue to play some of her favorite “rock and country” selections. The site of the party was the Sunset Grill at Little Harbor in the quite little town of Ruskin, FL. Well….not so quiet that night!

The birthday girl had never seen us live, but someone told her about us. They sent her the link to our promotional video on YouTube and she was sold after that.

For most of us in the band, it was our first visit to Little Harbor. But the banquet room of the Sunset Grill looks straight across the bay to Tampa. It left us with a lovely view of the sunset as we transitioned into the party that night. In attendance was a mix of family and her fellow high school peers. Several of her family members took the microphone to share a few words about how much they loved the birthday girl and Luna Blue played and DJ’d her requested songs in between.

All in all a very successful night. Apparently we made her a big fan because Lauren told me that, although she’s not engaged to be married, “you guys are already booked for my wedding!”

A little pre-gig Snapchat filter fun before the gig:

Lets do it!

Posted by Luna Blue – Tampa Bay, FL rock cover band on Saturday, May 6, 2017