Westshore Yacht Club, Tamp FL hosts Wounded Warriors benefit by TAMCO Foundation

Tampa’s TAMCO Foundation one again graciously invited Luna Blue to participate not only in their evening event complete with auction, raffle, and honoring of wounded Veterans, but also with a standing invitation to fish alongside the Veterans and boat captains in the annual Grand Slam tournament.

It seems that God perennially favors the event with beautiful weather on this evening, and the Westshore Yacht Club offers perhaps one of the most striking views looking out across Tampa Bay. With the waters of both the pools and the bay glistening in the sunlight, the supporters of TAMCO, Veterans, Veterans families, and boat captains for the event streamed in to dine on what is annually one of my favorite spreads of BBQ and crawfish boil.

The astounding talents of Thomas were on loan to us that night lieu of Kyle’s presence on guitar. Evidence below suggests we might have been a little mixed up on who was playing what instruments that night anyway: